New Pro2 Bullet Journal Stencil

March 29, 2017

Now available! Our Pro stencil got a new 2017 design = the smallest #bulletjournal icons yet. For more info and photos or to purchase, check out our Etsy listing here.…


The ALEX3 Playlist

March 7, 2017

What a perfectly curated playlist can do: almost 20k words on this current draft (and counting) after months of drought. The right music is vital to my process. It can keep me immersed in a scene…


Back In Stock: Bullet Journal Stencils

February 27, 2017

You asked, so I busted my butt after the holiday rush and finally reopened the Moo and the Boo Etsy shop. My Bullet Journal stencils are back in stock! Bujo lovers rejoice! You waited patiently for…


FAQ: Can Adults Enjoy Reading YA Lit?

December 29, 2016

Adults ask me this question all the time: “Your book is for teens. Will I like it, or is it too dumbed down?” It’s true, THE 57 LIVES OF ALEX WAYFARE is classified as a young…


Consume Art. Create Art. Repeat.

December 2, 2016

My own personal motto. As long as my way of life allows the gentle weaving cycle of consuming and creating art, then I’m living my dream. Then I’m blessed. This is how I measure my success…


Some Thoughts on Suffering

August 9, 2016

I came across this old post of mine in the archives and, wow, does it speak to me today. I really needed to hear it. I thought some of you might as well, so I’m sharing…